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Mobile phone providers are constantly striving for the most reliable coverage, the highest value prepaid plan or the cheapest cell phone plans. Below in the article, we show you the situation (updated in May 2020) of the best offers available on the US market. Verizon continues to be the most reliable in network coverage of all wireless providers. Visible Wireless offers an unlimited prepaid plan for $ 40 a month. Sprint is confirmed as the best budget provider for individual and family plans (at least until the merger with T-Mobile). The tariff plans of cell phone operators often have minimal differences between them. In this article, we will go deeper into their details to ensure you get the best cell phone plan. It includes recommendations for cell phone plans based on price, data limits, coverage, and speed and perks.

Provider Best for Our plan pick  Prices
Verizon Overall coverage Verizon Do More Unlimited  45 $/month
Visible Prepaid $40 Unlimited Plan  40 $/month
Verizon Unlimited Verizon Get More Unlimited  55 $/month
Sprint Family Sprint Unlimited Plus  70 $/month

Verizon “Do More unlimited”: Great coverage and speed

Again, Verizon has the most reliable coverage in the country. It is the best solution to receive calls and messages wherever you go.The best coverage in the country along with fast data speeds.Whatever the wireless performance rankings consulted, you will always see Verizon at the top of the list in terms of coverage (about 70% 4G coverage across the country), speed and overall performance. In rural areas of the country, Verizon is often the only mobile operator available. We are in the holiday season, so the topic of roaming (using a different network for your data) is more relevant than ever: Verizon offers international roaming, at around $ 10 a day. In this modern age of technology, HD streaming is quite fundamental for high-quality streaming. If you’re fine with lo-fi streaming at 480p, you could go with Verizon’s cheaper Go Unlimited plan. However, if you love YouTube streaming or are currently binge-watching Netflix, the More Unlimited plan is worth the extra money.What don’t we like about this rate? Well, high-end coverage coupled with Verizon’s speed comes at a high price. But if you are looking for an unlimited mobile phone plan, you may have to make a compromise. If you use all the bandwidth every month, and would like more data, you could upgrade to Verizon’s new Get More Unlimited plan and get mind-blowing 75 GB of unchecked data every month instead of 22 GB of 4G LTE data. This is obviously a little extra every month.

Visible Wireless: Best prepaid plan

You almost always get a cheaper deal with a prepaid plan and Visible Wireless is the best in the group. Get unlimited data, unlimited conversations and unlimited text, all on a reliable network, for $ 40 a month! Visible wireless only offers one plan and it comes with unlimited data, talk, hot spot data and text. Just for fun, let’s see how Visible behaves against other prepaid unlimited plans: the only other big provider cheaper than Visible is Sprint. Considering Visible’s network is much more reliable than Sprint’s network, it’s probably worth the extra $5 a month. On the other side, don’t forget that Visible operates as an MVNO, so it uses another provider’s network (they use Verizon’s one); it means that he catch with an MVNO is that it can be deprioritized on the network it shares, especially in crowded areas, where Verizon is favoring its own customers.

Verizon “Get More Unlimited”: Best unlimited plan

Did we just mention that Verizon “Do More Unlimited” is the best deal in performance and network coverage? Indeed yes, and we confirm it. But for those willing to pay a little more, the Verizon Wireless “Get More Unlimited” plan is even better, or at least until 5G networks appear on the national territory. With “Get More Unlimited” immediately for you 75 GB of unlimited and super fast data, under excellent coverage. In addition, Verizon offers you additional benefits that make the plan even more attractive: you get 20 GB of Mobile Hotspot data, and also a subscription to Apple Music.

Sprint “Unlimited Plus”: Best family plan

Sprint - May 2020 Plans
Sprint – May 2020 Plans

The family rate plans allow a nice saving of money, and this is the field where Sprint is clearly the preferred company, compared to the competition. By combining the price, unlimited data and sufficient coverage (if you live in the city), with the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan you get the best for the family: by opting for automatic payment you can add a third, fourth and fifth line for free for a year. There are different Sprint family plans, and we’re recommending the one that gets you significantly better streaming quality, the Unlimited Plus; saving around $10 a month and choosing the Sprint Basic Unlimited Plan, you’ll get a 480p video streaming quality, not exactly the best if you love Tv series or gaming. Once you reach the 50 GB of data in a month, you’ll probably see slower speeds.



Published: 2020-05-26From: Matteo Belfiglio

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