Black box car insurance: what it is and how it works

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If you are looking for a quick way to save money on your car insurance policy, know that the solution is really at hand. In recent years, black box car insurance has appeared on the market, able to guarantee practical and economic advantages to customers.

Save on car insurance by installing the black box

Let’s start with an important clarification: telematics car insurance is not binding and does not preclude the possibility of changing policy. If you subscribe to it, you have to install a black box on your vehicle.
This device, equipped with a built-in GPS detector, allows you to record a multitude of data relating to the conduct of the driver, including any accidents in which he incurs. The Black Box can be mounted on any type of vehicle within 15 days of the stipulation of the policy and is recommended by insurance companies, in exchange for substantial discounts on the insurance premium, to combat fraud and lower the price of the premium. The reason? A considerable simplification of investigations related to accidents and their responsibilities.

Black box insurance: pros and cons

Resorting to telematics car insurance makes it easier to locate your car in case of theft or accident. The monitoring can also continue on the web, through the data of the same, with a personal password. The black box does not damage the “look” of the car nor does it complicate the driver’s life and it is advocated for its ability to streamline the settlement of claims.

Despite its ability to ascertain the real behavior of drivers involved in accidents, there are several objections to its use. Everything, in fact, revolves around the concept of privacy. Although the insurance company has access to certain data relating to speed or the extent of impact in the event of an accident, and checks aggregate data (annual mileage, average speed, route) in the absence of claims, many drivers may not like the presence of a constantly vigilant eye.

Those against this technological innovation criticize this annoying intrusion in the personal sphere, due to the continuous monitoring of movements. In addition, among the cons, we also mention the increase in the premium from the second year of the contract, when the discount linked to the installation is lost and there is a risk of exceeding the limit of kilometers covered. Once you have weighed these variables, resort to the most appropriate car insurance for you by comparing the best on the market.

Published: 2021-12-15From: Matteo Belfiglio

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