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Pet policies are gaining momentum in the insurance industry. Thinking about a coverage both for our friends and for those who have or will have to do with them means getting a total protection against any inconvenience that may occur. Let’s think, for example, of the possible damage that one of our pets could cause to the property of a neighbor, and the policy would come to our rescue. At the same time, let’s imagine a sudden illness of our little friend. Having coverage would be a great help in paying for medical care. But if there are so many reasons why it would always be appropriate to insure a pet, let’s see specifically what are the options available on the market regarding insurance for our four-legged friends, what guarantees can be obtained by taking out a policy and what damage to third parties can be covered.

Which guarantees for our four-legged friends

Taking out an insurance policy for our four-legged friend means guaranteeing him coverage wherever he is, both at home and away. Let’s think, for example, when we take him with us on vacation or even simply when we go out with him for a walk. The coverage covers both the accidental events of which the animal may find itself to be a victim, and those that he may cause to third parties. But there is more. What would happen if our animal were to fall ill and we did not have enough money to treat it? Here is the importance of an insurance policy that guarantees our little friend and allows him to receive all the necessary care without problems. We are talking first of all about those costs which are connected to clinical analyses and other diagnostic examinations to which the animal must undergo. Also included are the costs that are incurred for any surgical interventions, hospitalization and the purchase of medicines. Obviously, the costs associated with occupying the operating room for surgery are taken into account, as well as those that must be incurred to keep the animal hospitalized during the period necessary for convalescence. The policies very often provide a very high coverage, which starts from a 60% to get up to a 100% reimbursement on certain types of expenses. There are also reimbursements for expenses incurred for transportation to the clinic, whether scheduled or emergency.

The insurance companies are also committed to cover all those costs that the owner has to bear for the ordinary management of the pet. We refer for example to the costs of vaccinations or sterilization. Deciding to welcome a pet in the house means taking care of it at best, ensuring good health. Whether it is a dog or a cat, there are periodic checks that must be carried out regularly by the veterinarian. Insurances cover the costs for all breeds of pets, from small to large sizes, from indoor to outdoor cats. Policies such as Assuro Poil cat insurance are presented as the perfect solution for those who want to manage in serenity their pet.

The expenses for the recovery and the coverage of damages to third parties

How often does it happen that a pet goes away from home? As much as we can pay attention, this phenomenon is really very frequent and affects both dogs and cats. That’s why insurance policies have thought to intervene also in situations of this type, to help the owner to cover the costs related to the searches. From the publication of the announcements in the newspapers to the contact with the competent authorities, there are several steps to be taken when a pet is lost. Not to mention the fact that at the time of finding our four-legged friend needs to be subjected to special checks by the veterinarian, to ascertain its state of health. In all this the help of an insurance is economically very important.

Finally, let’s imagine that our cat could run away in the neighbor’s garden and damage it. Who would pay the expenses of compensation? Or let’s suppose that the animal attacks someone. Without having an insurance coverage it would be really big trouble. With a policy for the dog or the cat any kind of damage can instead be covered, obviously within the limits of prefixed expenses that are strictly linked to the annual fee that you decide to pay.

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