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Switch electricity supplier: how to do, problems and useful tips

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The electricity bills begin to weigh more and more on the budget of families who are increasingly wondering if the time has come to change. The change of electricity supplier is a simple operation to do but requires some time and attention to the search for the most convenient offer. Changing simply amounts to replacing the biller.

Moreover, this procedure has also become very convenient, it can be done from the comfort of the computer and it is no longer necessary to physically go to the offices where you would risk spending hours in line at the counter.

Each supplier proposes a range of different offers, so our intent is to create a guide with the main steps to take in case of change of supplier light, illustrating all the issues in terms of procedures but also provide useful tips to follow to facilitate the transition. Below are the two main points.

Finding out how many kWh you consume in a year

The amount of kWh you consume each year is a very useful parameter for finding the most suitable offer for your needs. You can contact your current supplier to get this information.

Check the average cost of your current bill and use a rate comparison tool

What you can do, to get a perspective on the various proposals of the electricity operators, is to turn to a price comparison site, which allows you to compare the most disparate rates and is useful for finding the different operators in your area (easily and without leaving home). You will almost certainly be asked to provide some details about where you live, what kind of fuel is used, how many people live in the house or apartment and how many appliances are usually used.

With these values, it will be easy to compare the convenience, or otherwise, of the current rate, whatever it is, with that of other providers.

Published: 11/24/2021From: Flavio

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