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Skincare: best pratices for a effective beauty ritual

Advice from dermatologists on effective beauty rituals.Those who have always thought that the result of a perfect skincare routine could depend solely on the quality of the products used are probably mistaken. According to a number of dermatologists and specialists, it is the order in which the products are applied that plays a key role… Continue reading Skincare: best pratices for a effective beauty ritual

2021-12-13Editorial Staff

Botox and Dermal fillers for anti-aging treatments: uses and costs

There are an increasing number of anti-aging treatments available today, from typical over-the-counter products to therapies by healthcare professionals for a professional effect and longer duration. These include the use of botulinum toxin type A (Botox) and dermal fillers. Both suitable for treating wrinkles, there are, however, several important differences to consider, clinically speaking, if you are of the mind to undergo these solutions.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

All the changes that the ageing process does to our body and skin, one of the most visible is the wrinkling skins. While going under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon can certainly help, you can also utilize the anti-ageing cream and other products available in the market. However, to find the products right for you, you have to learn about a few basic things first.