Zero SR/F, a revolutionary electric motorcycle!

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Zero SR/F, California’s “100% electric” is the cheapest option among electric maxi naked bikes.

Zero Motorcycles actually promoted the wave of electric motorcycles, until it became the center of global attention giving rise to a challenge, and now there are several players involved, such as Harley-Davidson.

Zero SR/F represents a quantum leap in the history of California brands. The look doesn’t really have an American style in fact, the front end with angled and forward projecting headlights is actually reminiscent of some Italian sport naked versions. The Zero SR/F is sharp and simple, its skeleton is based on a steel trellis frame, which is equipped with battery pack and engine, and has a first-rate suspension department, all signed Showa. There’s also a lot of attention to styling: the 5-spoke Y-shaped alloy wheels and engine are gold-plated. The footrest supports are located on the fulcrum point of the swingarm and the component that replaces the tank of the endothermic motorcycles encloses a storage compartment and a door that hides the charging socket, the seat is high and well designed.

The color TFT of the Zero SR/F is simple and well organized: however, by connecting the bike to a smartphone, thanks to the Zero Next Gen app, you can add up to 10 custom riding modes and you can also remotely query the charging status, the map of the charging stations, receive messages about possible tampering, record and share your trip data.

The direct and clutchless transmission is entrusted to a carbon fiber reinforced belt, which is characterized by very short transmission ratios and is designed to release all the torque available on the ground.

The permanent magnet motor is air-cooled and does not require a radiator.

Excellent work of the Showa Big Piston fork, soft in load transfers but timely and solid in braking.

The driving posture is classic and designed for sportsmen, but it needs to be recalibrated while riding because there are no clutch and gearbox. In the city it is a typical traffic light burner, but it can also be flexible and elegant and above all it never gets hot: this is a nice advantage over endothermic motorcycles.

On the mixed road, the Zero SR/F proved responsive, making sudden changes of direction easier than expected, and it has excellent pickup and acceleration.

Published: 2021-12-15From: Matteo Belfiglio

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