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As well as allowing you to be more efficient with your refuelling costs, by allowing you to track expenses related to the purchase of products and services of your employees at fuel stations, commercial fuel cards (or fleet cards) are a great way to get other benefits for your fleet. With accurate reports, you can easily manage all fuel and maintenance costs for your company vehicles. In this article, we have reviewed the advantages of the main cards available on the market, to help you make the best choice.

How to choose yor new Fleet fuel card?

Imagining that you are the head of a transport company, with a small or medium-sized fleet, we wondered which companies would provide the best gas fuel cards in 2021. There are plenty of good company fuel cards to choose from, but not all of them seem to offer consistent benefits, especially in our particular case.

Since we need to focus on those advantages that are really tangible for a not too large company, we need to define objective criteria to determine which suppliers offer the best conditions. According to the experience of those involved, there are at least three important characteristics that a fuel card should have. First of all, Coverage, i.e. the number of stations where our fleets can use the card, and their distribution throughout the country. So, whether it should be equally distributed throughout the States or more concentrated in certain states. The actual Savings will then weigh into the fleet owner’s choices, in terms of cents earned per gallon of fuel and discounts on other services related to fleet mobility.
Having said these two fundamental points, one may wonder what other Benefits there may be in fuel card programmes: fraud prevention systems may certainly be of interest, in order to avoid unwanted spending by our drivers.

The Top 7 Gas fuel cards

1) WEX Fleet FlexCard: Best Gas Station Partner Network

Coverage = 95% of US fuel stations, plus 45,000 service locations

Savings = 3 cents per gallon

2) Fuelman Fleet Fuel Cards

3) ExxonMobil Fleet Gas Cards

4) BP Fleet Gas Cards

5) Shell Fleet Fuel Cards

6) Arco Fleet Gas Cards

7) Comdata Fleet Gas Cards

Published: 2021-03-15From: Matteo Belfiglio

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