How to buy the Best Clothes Dryer

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Are you a budding dryer buyer? We show you how to choose the product that suits your needs. All dryers work on the principle of blowing heated air through your clothes to remove moisture, but the first thing you nedd to know is that there are several different types of dryers with different technologies, functions, and sophistication.

Types of clothes dryers

  1. Ventilated clothes dryer
  2. Condensing dryer
  3. Heat pump condenser dryer
  4. Gas clothes dryer

Features to look for in a dryer

Here a list of the best features and functions you should have:

Moisture sensor

This function can prevent excessive drying, so as not to damage your clothes. When the load is dry, the machine with humidity sensor will automatically shut down. A dryer runs 15 minutes longer than the time required for each load, and it may cost you $34 per year.

Noise reduction

Hate the noise generated by the dryer? If your machine is close to your main living area, this feature can keep you awake.

Bright control panel

Is your new machine located in a poorly lit corner or basement? This lighting function will save you from squinting.

Drum lights

This helps to prevent stray socks and other small pieces of lost clothing.

Anti-crease function

When activated, the anti-crease function continues to gently tumble your clothes every so often after drying has finished, so creases don’t settle in so readily.

NSF-certified dryers

Although some dryers claim to kill bacteria and bacteria, only NSF-certified models can eliminate 99.9% of “certain household bacteria”. NSF develops standards, tests, and certifies products for public health. Here are more:

Washing clothes at low temperatures, especially underwear and bed sheets, will provide a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria. NSF-certified dryers will help keep your clothes hygienic and clean.

Top tumble dryers brands

  1. Samsung
  2. Grundig
  3. Beko
  4. Bosch
  5. Miele
  6. AEG
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