How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

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Do you need to buy a vacuum cleaner, a valuable aid in household chores, but you don’t know where to start? There are a wide variety of models on the market, and each appliance has features that might be right for you, depending on the type of house and your habits. But how do you choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your needs? Among the main factors in choosing a vacuum cleaner there is undoubtedly the type that could affect our decision based on the characteristics but also on the need that drives us to purchase.

What and how many types of vacuum cleaners are there?


What characterizes all trolley vacuums is the presence of a motor, a reservoir where dust accumulates and a power cord. The vacuum cleaner can be carried around the house on wheels and is often equipped with attachments and brushes to make vacuuming different surfaces easier and more effective.

Advantages of a canister vacuum cleaner include suction power and very thorough cleaning even on large surfaces.

Electric broom

The electric broom is certainly more maneuverable and lighter than a canister vacuum, and is perfect for those who have a home with stairs or lots of furniture and hard-to-reach spaces. Thanks to its light weight and maneuverability, it is perfect for those who need to reach high places: however, it has the disadvantage of having a generally lower power than corded models.

Electric brooms can be corded or cordless: corded brooms usually have greater suction power but with the limitation of the cord that can sometimes be an obstacle. Cordless brooms are certainly more practical to carry around the rooms but, on the other hand, the autonomy of these brooms can be a limitation.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This appliance is definitely attractive because it cleans the house independently while you are away from home or sitting comfortably on the sofa. It has the disadvantage of still costing a lot and not being enough to have a perfectly clean home. These devices can not be considered substitutes for a good vacuum cleaner, but only a complement.

Collection system

There are two main dust and dirt collection systems and they are the bagged and the bagless.


This is the most common collection system where the dirt is captured in a bag which is usually made of paper. When the bag is full, it is signaled and it is changed in a hygienic manner and without releasing its contents into the environment.

Bagless tank

In the bagless tank vacuum cleaner the dust ends up in a container which is usually plastic and is emptied when full. It is more convenient because you don’t have to buy replacement bags but when you empty the container it is more likely that there will be a minimal dispersion of its contents into the environment and therefore is less hygienic.

Power and suction capacity

Other elements to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner are power and suction capacity. The power, which is connected with the electrical energy that the motor needs to operate, is variable: since 2017 on the market there are models up to a maximum of 900 Watts.

The suction capacity depends not only on the power of the motor, but also on the shape of the brushes and suction nozzles. In fact, in some cases, we noticed that models with equal power have a different suction capacity, thanks to more effective brushes.

Filter system

Every vacuum cleaner has filters to prevent dust and dirt from being dispersed into the environment after being vacuumed. The bag can be considered a vacuum cleaner’s first filter, but there is also a motor filter, at the inlet, which preserves the motor from the dust being sucked in, and a filter at the outlet, which prevents dust from returning to the environment.

Constant maintenance of the filters allows for high performance throughout the life of the product, and ensures low dispersion of particles and allergens into the air.

If there are allergy sufferers in your home, it’s good to know that there are vacuum cleaners on the market with high-efficiency filters that can trap almost all of the smallest particles such as bacteria and allergens. This is the case with HEPA filters, which are made of fiberglass and allow you to capture 99.97% or more of the smallest and most insidious particles.

After taking into consideration all the useful elements to identify the vacuum cleaner that is right for you, if now ready to choose with more confidence the most suitable model for you.

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